In conversation with The American Scholar‘s Stephanie Bastek, January 12, 2018. Go here to listen.



Madeleine will be participating in multiple sessions at the upcoming Auckland Writers Festival in May. Details below:

Sunday May 20: “The Eyes of the Artist.” China as seen through the eyes of its contemporary artists. Click here for more information.

Saturday May 19: “Foreign Witness.”  In conversation with fellow journalists Francis Wade and Mike McRoberts about the life of a foreign correspondent. Click here for more information.

Friday May 18: “Reframing.” Madeleine reads from The Phoenix Years as part of a session on new ways of framing history. Click here for more information.

For details and video/ audio of past events, please see below & check back here for future events.



The Phoenix Years was published in Nth America on October 3, 2017. Madeleine has given a number of talks in the US in association with the launch. Please see below for details and/or video/ audio of these events, and check back later for more events.

October 12:  China Institute, New York. Click here for details.

October 13: University of Massachusetts (Dartmouth). Click here for details.

October 17: Columbia College Library, Chicago. Click here for details.

October 25: University of Denver. Click here for details.

October 25: Center for Asian Studies, University of Colorado (Boulder). Click here to view.

October 30: In conversation with Jeff Wasserstrom, University of California (Irvine). Click here for details.

November 2: San Francisco. Interview with Mitch Jeserich on KPFA “Letters & Politics” program. Click here to listen.



Video and/ or audio of past events is also available:

In conversation with Benjamin Law as part of Open State at the OzAsia Festival, October 2, 2017. Click here to view.

In conversation with The Washington Post’s China correspondent, Emily Rauhala, at the Foreign Correspondents Club in Beijing, September 4, 2017. Click here to listen.

Griffith University Perspectives Asia Lecture Series. In conversation with Professor Sue Trevaskis at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, June 15, 2017. Click here to view.

Perth Writers Festival, 2017. In conversation with Madeleine Thien, Mei Fong, and Annabel Smith, February 24, 2016. Click here to listen as broadcast by ABC Radio Big Ideas.

Jaipur Literature Festival, 2017.  “Does the future belong to China?”: in conversation with Rob Schmitz, Mei Fong & C Raja Mohan, January 21, 2017.. Click here to view.

In conversation with Richard Fidler, ABC Radio, November 22, 2016. Click here to listen.

In conversation with Amanda Smith, ABC Radio Books and Arts, September 22, 2016. Click here to listen.